Calling all coffee-enthusiasts in Calgary! A day without some caffeine can be brutal when you are up and about without enough sleep. With only a year into the addiction, we have noticed two things about it. Coffee is an addiction. Relying on its energy for long periods of time and then cutting it out cold turkey results in mild headaches. It is comparable to the addiction to sugar and carbonated drinks. Secondly, it does give you the energy you need to bring you out of the rut – writer’s block, slow customer service, you name it! Numerous studies are working on the data to tell us whether coffee has more good or bad qualities. Admittedly, it is something I consistently punch in on my home search engine. With that said, let us know what you find from research or just by your experience and let us get to the list of local hot spots!

Calgary Coffee Shop

Analog Coffee

Coffee roasters are slowly making their way into more conscious directions when it comes to where and who they source their beans from. With Analog directly under the Fratello Coffee Roaster powerhouse, they get it fresh off the press. From the farm to counter, Fratello is meticulous about every step. We are talking direct trading. Coffee notes from their beans include chocolate, nuts, and fruit. Ask at the counter for something that matches your mood.

Rosso Coffee RoastersĀ 

Rosso is for the hip. Straight out of a poppin’ magazine, the light and airy aesthetics at the Centre Street location highlights the freshly roasted coffee with many of the beans coming from fruity and nutty notes. Rosso also has a handful of selections of their pastries coming straight from their kitchen.

Philosafy Coffee

With blends from Columbia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia, this coffee house feels cozy with an industrial, up class atmosphere located on 17th Avenue. Wood and gold accents laid into the shop make the place come to life.

Monogram Coffee

This well-oiled group has two locations in Calgary – one on 2nd Street and the other on 16th Street. Ben, Jeremy and Justin roast their own coffee beans and sometimes in partnership with Transcend Coffee. By naturally processing the coffee, you can taste the fruity notes in their coffee. Check out their lovely blog.