Sun Moon Lake, located in Yuchi Township of Nantou County, is the center of aboriginal culture and one of the largest lakes in Taiwan. Learn about the history of the Taiwanese people from the Thao tribe in various museums and tribal performances.

Here are three things you would never want to miss out on:

A Gondola Ride

Not for the faint-hearted because it goes way up high. Take a breath and have a silent ride on the gondola through this mountainous area – the view is almost surreal. Unwind in the deafening silence while in awe of the luscious trees filtered by light fog and a touch of tint from the sunset. If there were anything in the world, this is what I would imagine a slice of heaven would vaguely be like. At the end of the line, walk through the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and see performances.

Jinlong Mountain at Dawn

Overlooking the entire lake and Hehuan Mountain Range, see the light slowly overflowing into the eery and still lake. At the break of dawn, see this town come to life as everything is filled with a warmth from the gorgeous sun.

Street Food

It wouldn’t be a proper trip in Taiwan if you don’t enjoy the street food. Hidden in narrow lanes are small carts with stinky tofu, skewered beef and pork, fried chicken, and little snack foods along the streets. Find them dimly lit with their mouth watering aromas fill the streets right by the shore.